Functional Sports Medicine™️


Functional Sports Medicine™️





Functional Sports Medicine™️: The Foundational 


Here's What's Included

  • Lifetime access to all modules, including bonus modules, and updated modules.
  • ​Live weekly group coaching calls. One half of the call is discussing the homework as well as a Q&A session.
  • ​During the Live weekly group coaching call, members will have direct access to Ara and have him interpret the bloodwork analysis for themselves or their clients.
  • ​12 month access to live calls.
  • ​4 month long program.
  • ​Weekly homework assignments to ensure that you understand and apply the knowledge that you are learning.
  • ​Access to two additional cohort live group coaching calls
  • ​Set up for ordering lab tests in the U.S. (exlcluding NY, NJ, and RI)
  • ​Certificate of Completion

Investment - $3,000

(Early registrants get $500 OFF their enrollment fee)

Testimonials From Ara's Clients

This Masterclass is everything that I have to know!

This Masterclass is everything that I have and know! I’m proud of it and know that it can unlock the door to getting greater results for your clients and creating more impact in your life. However, I also know that it might not be for everybody. 

So here’s my no BS guarantee. If after going through the experience, participating in the webinars, and putting the work in you feel like the Masterclass did not live up to your expectations, I will happily refund you 100% of your investment.

- Ara

About Dr. Ara

Dr. Ara Suppiah is one of the world’s most trusted medical pioneers in professional sports and the founder of the Functional Sports Medicine Institute based on decades of groundbreaking research and discovering how to solve the unmet needs of world-class athletes to achieve maximum health and vitality to enable sustained high performance.

Dr. Ara is a highly sought-after personal physician on the PGA, LPGA Tour, ATP and WTA Tour, a practicing ER Physician, Chief Medical Analyst on NBC Sports Golf Channel, author and speaker.

Dr. Ara single-handedly pioneered his Functional Sports Medicine model using a holistic, proprietary approach by leveraging the sciences of functional medicine, allopathic medicine and Eastern medical philosophies to limit the amount of inflammation within athletes’ bodies. In this process, he has proven the critical importance of lab work and wearable data interpretation as the foundation of a strategic training and supplementation plan for athletes.

A lifelong athlete, Dr. Ara is on a mission to change the way people think about working with athletes. Dr. Ara believes that one doesn’t need to be a physician to analyze lab work results to develop a training and supplementation plan for athletes. Dr. Ara’s Functional Sports Medicine™ Masterclass levels the playing field by providing non-physicians additional credibility and a competitive edge to retain and gain athlete clients.
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